6,000,000 KCal/Hr HGG

Yes this one is huge, capable of combusting 2 ton per hour of rice husk. This unit were use to supply hot gas to a ball mill in a cement plant in the Philippines.

                                 6,000,000 KCal/Hr HGG

It is equip with sensors and inverters for control from a DCS which is 50 meter away. Only one person are posted on site and monitoring and control are carried out from the control room.
Key Features of the HGG
- 18 inch furnace wall with extra outer insulation for very low heat loss
- Automatic Deashing
- Automatic Feeding
- Inverter for FD and ID Fan
- PLC built in
- Ash Auto Mix to Ball Mill
- Over Temperature Release Vent
- and many more

                             PLC control in DCS

Maximum Savings of RM4,000 per hour is possible when compared to the use of fuel oil for combustion.

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