This is a new industry in Malaysia with only a few small plant of 1 ton per hour ( TPH ) production .

We are putting up a 2 TPH Whole Line Wood Pellet Mill Plant operational in April 2011 .
Write us if you need Wood Pellet or want to set up a Wood Pellet Plant .

The chart shows normal Biomass Calorific Value with various Moisture Content .

These means the higher the Moisture Content ( water in the Biomass ) the lower the Calorific Value of the biomass because when you burn biomass you will need to heat the biomass to above 250 ºC . before you reach this temperature , during combustion water need to evaporate at 100 ºC , the more water you have in the biomass the more energy you need to spent to evaporate the water thus the lower Calorific Value if the MC of the biomass is high .
It means , you are buying WATER not ENERGY !!!
Many articles have put Wood Pellet Calorific Value at 4,200 kCal/kg with bulk density of 600 kg/m3 thus making it more viable to be transported over long distance as compared to woodchip at 300 kg/m3 and sawdust at 200kg/m3 .
Furthermore Wood Pellet are dry at below 10% MC thus giving it a high ratio of enegy / volume .

From the table , Wood Pellet are reasonably priced in relation to it's energy value . The high cost per ton are due to processing cost needed for densification and drying .

As Wood Pellet are of constant size it usage can be easily automated just like gas or diesel burner . And the beauty is you can achieve over 90% combustion efficiency just like gas / diesel burner as compared to normal burning in furnace which efficiency are low at below 80% combustion efficiency . It is very technical !
In fact , most European Countries and now Korea , combustion now have shift to Wood Pellet from gas or diesel due to it's availability , environmental concern and government tax on fossil fuel .
Lately there is this hot topic of turning EFB to EFB Pellet . It would be great if it is suitable and there is market for it .
We are working on launching Wood Pellet Burner in a few months time together with our Wood Pellet .

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To whom it may concern,

I came across your website online regarding about your wood pellet supply. I am Ms.Michelle Chan, working for a Japanese company branch office in Kuala Lumpur. We are a Japanese company sincerely looking for a supplier of wood pellets in Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia & Vietnam for export. At the moment we are getting the wood pellets supply from Thailand. We would like to know the nature of your business. Do you supply them or do you manufacture them?? Do you have a factory that we could visit?? What is the raw materials do you use for those wood pellets?? How much can you produce in a month??

We sincerely appreciate it if you could email us your pamphlets or brochure regarding about the nature of your business and your products. We would like to arrange an appointment to discuss further for mutual businesses.

Thank you and looking forward to your earliest reply.

Michelle Chan (Ms.)